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How to Respond to Campus Visits and Information Requests by Government Officials

When government officials visit our campuses and request information about students, faculty or staff, there are standard response procedures that front desk staff should follow. Visiting officials may show a badge or paperwork as proof of identity.

Below are the steps for responding to both scheduled and unscheduled visits and requests.

Campus Visits—Unscheduled & Unexpected

  1. Ask them to please wait in the lobby while you call someone who can assist them.
  2. Call the University Counsel’s Office at 617-627-2147.
  3. Thank them for waiting and let them know that someone from the University Counsel’s Office will be right with them.

Campus Visits—Scheduled & Expected

These are usually regarding the following routine background checks:

Employment Verification

Education Verification

  • Refer to Registrar
    • Graduation Date
    • Degree Earned
    • Transcript Request

Visa Verification

  • Refer to the International Center (I-Center)
    • Applies to international students on F-1, J-1 or other visas
    • Confirm enrollment status, departure and reentry dates

When in doubt about where to send them, call the General Counsel Office at 617-627-2147.

For additional assistance, you may contact the following resources:

Mary Jeka, General Counsel
617-627-4220 (office)
617-947-6161 (cell)

Dana Fleming, Assistant General Counsel
617-627-0411 (office)
617-513-9713 (cell)

Tufts University Police Department (TUPD)

Boston Health Sciences Campus

Boston SMFA Campus

Grafton Campus


The material contained on this site is provided for informational purposes for the faculty and staff of Tufts University. Nothing contained on this site and its related links may be construed as legal advice from the Office of University Counsel. Members of the Tufts community should consult the Office of University Counsel directly on specific legal issues.